How to Get Wildcards MTG Arena


Magic: The Gathering Arena is the premier way to play MTG digitally, but its free-to-play model means players can't have everything they want. The Arena economy is powered by Gold, Gems, Packs and Wildcards. Here's how to get more Wildcards on Arena.

Wildcards are the most precious resource on MTG Arena because they allow players to redeem them for any card of the appropriate rarity without having to open them randomly through packs. Wildcards are instrumental for building competitive decks quickly, as such decks frequently contain many Rare and Mythic Rare cards that would otherwise take a long time to acquire via packs.

How to get Wildcards MTG Arena

Luckily, there are several ways to acquire additional Wildcards in MTG Arena.

1. Fill Up Pack Tracks

While buying Packs does have the chance to drop a Wildcard in the pack itself, MTG Arena has an additional guaranteed system of acquiring Wildcards. Every Pack you open fills a slot on two Wildcard Tracks, one for an Uncommon Wildcard and the other for a Rare Wildcard. Every six packs fills both these tracks, netting two Wildcards in the process. Every 30 packs a Mythic Rare Wildcard will replace the Rare Wildcard in the track.

2. Open the Vault

Collecting cards fills up the MTG Arena Vault. Every fifth copy of a common or uncommon card you open in packs (since having more than five of any card has no effect on deckbuilding) fills up the Vault, and once it reaches 100% completion it can be opened to redeem three Uncommon Wildcards, two Rare Wildcards and a Mythic Rare Wildcard.

3. Open Packs

MTG Arena packs contain eight cards: five Common cards, two Uncommon cards and one Rare or Mythic Rare card. There's a small chance any of these cards are replaced by a Wildcard of the same type, and the game also has a "pity" mechanic where failing to open a Wildcard slightly increases the chances you will receive one in subsequent packs.

4. Buy the Wildcard Bundles

MTG Arena has a number of Bundles available in the in-game store that can be purchased to gain Wildcards. For $9.99, one can purchase four Rare Wildcards, and for $19.99 one can purchase four Mythic Rare Wildcards. This can be a way to gain the last few Wildcards needed to finish a competitive deck for example.

Now you know how to get more Wildcards in MTG Arena and can use them to build your favorite decks!