How to Get YouTube Gaming Madden 23 Drops

Photo Courtesy of EA Sports
Photo Courtesy of EA Sports / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

Madden 23 released on Aug. 19 to audiences all across the world. The game was met with mixed reviews with some fans loving the new game while others thinking there could have been more.

Since the game has been out for almost a month, season one of the Madden Ultimate Team is ending rather soon, and fans will want to make sure they hop on to play before they run out of time. One big way gamers can set themselves up for success down the line is by taking part in YouTube Gaming Drops during the coming days.

How to Get YouTube Gaming Madden 23 Drops

Gamers can earn rewards in drops by tuning into the Ultimate Kickoff on Friday, Sept. 9. Now, if you happened to watch on Wednesday you are in luck because if you watched for five minutes you received a standard drop pack, and if you stuck around for another 15 minutes you got another pack.

If you watch on Friday for five minutes, you will earn a standard drop pack. If you watch for 20 minutes you will earn a pack containing Campbell's Chunky Ultimate Kickoff Stadium. These are a few rewards the definitely will give new players a boost entering their first few games in Ultimate Team.

In order to get credit for watching, make sure your EA account is linked to YouTube to secure the YouTube drop. EA has explained the rules to linking and unlinking you account on the EA help page.

After watching for 20 minutes on Friday, do not expect to see the pack immediately in your game, as it can take up to four hours after the drop for the item to appear in your game.