How to Hang on the Rim in NBA 2K23

Photo Courtesy of 2K

Players are now able to hang on the rim after dunking in NBA 2K23! Debuting on Sept. 8 for Xbox and PlayStation systems, NBA 2K23 finally brought one of the best feelings in basketball into the game.

After adding metered skill dunks in NBA 2K22, these new physics-based simulated rim hangs give dunks an aesthetic finish that is perfect for bragging to your opponents. Additionally, now there are ways for players to perform other moves when dunking: flashy dunk, a one-handed dunk, and a weak hand dunk. Read on for a breakdown on how to flex and have control over rim hangs for the cleanest finish.

How to Hang on the Rim in NBA 2K23

Players must have good timing in order to dunk. When the opportunity is presented, players need to press the sprint trigger while controlling the player with the ball near the basket. For PlayStation systems, this will be the R2 key while, for Xbox systems, this will be RT. For a simple, two-handed dun, when R2 or RT is pressed, players must simultaneously move and hold the right stick up.

Now, in order to hang on the rim, instead of moving the right stick up, flick it down. It must remain held down until the player is actively hanging on the rim. When on the rim, you are able to let go of the right stick, but, for the duration of the rim hang, the sprint trigger must be pressed down.

Players are able to hang for as long as they want. However, in a game, if you are holding onto the rim for too long, you will receive a technical foul and the other team will be rewarded free throw shots and possession of the ball.

While holding the sprint trigger down, you are also able to swing your player side-to-side by moving around the left stick. Using the right stick will make the player do pull-ups, moving up and down, on the rim.

To end the rim hang, simply release the sprint trigger.