How to Improve Your KD in Warzone


Wondering how to improve your average kill-death ratio (KD) in Call of Duty: Warzone? We've got you covered.

Of course, it's important to understand that since Warzone is a battle royale, the fact of the matter is that there's a large amount of randomly generated factors at play that are beyond your control. Still, however, it's apparent that there are those who manage to master how to overcome what the game throws at them to consistently drop high-kill games. Here's a breakdown of how to improve your KD in Warzone.

How to Improve Your KD in Warzone

One of the core aspects that separates players from the rest of the pack is gun mechanics. In the grand scheme of things, Call of Duty isn't the most tactical shooter out there, especially when you have a meta loadout. As such, it does not necessarily recoil control that you'll be worrying about in most cases in Warzone, but the sweatier movement, from simply strafing while shooting to jump shotting. Warzone, just like any Call of Duty, is a tracking game. Anything you can do to throw your opponents' aim off will skew fights heavily in your favor.

Next up, it's honestly pretty toxic, but Warzone has simply long catered to those who are able to obnoxiously slide cancel, bunny hop and overall abuse any piece of environment in close proximity (e.g. doors, corners, walls). It's simply not a matter of who sees who first or even who lands the first bullet.

Lastly, it's simply imperative to be aware of your surroundings. This includes knowing where to land, where you are, where to rotate, when the circle is closing, where the best high ground is, when to dip out, where other teams are, are there other angles to attack from and even simply keeping an eye on the minimap. Of course, your game sense will mainly sharpen over time the more you play.

Ultimately, above all of these tips, it's worth understanding that by the very nature of Warzone's skill-based matchmaking, you might find that some days, the players you go up against are just gods at the game. As such, in those moments where you might find yourself doubting your skills, it's important to not get too fixated on your numbers and instead focus on what you could part of your game you could improve on.

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