How to Link Sea of Thieves to Twitch

Photo courtesy of Rare

Many players are looking to link Sea of Thieves to their Twitch account, so they can grab those sweet Twitch Drop rewards.

For Season 3, Sea of Thieves promises Twitch rewards from rare cosmetic sets like the Gilded Phoenix set or the Obsidian set - for the small price of watching 20 minutes of a Sea of Thieves stream each day. Here's how to link your account so the rewards can be yours.

How to Link Sea of Thieves to Twitch

To link your Sea of Thieves account to Twitch, first make sure you have an account for both services. You can sign up for a Twitch account for free, and if you're playing Sea of Thieves, you probably already have an Xbox Live or Microsoft account. Follow these steps to link your accounts:

  1. Go to the Sea of Thieves website
  2. Click the profile button in the top right corner and click Login
  3. Log in using your Xbox Live or Microsoft account
  4. Click on the profile button again and select Account
  5. Scroll down to Twitch Drops
  6. Click the Link Twitch Account button
  7. Sign in to your Twitch account

You have now linked your Twitch account to Sea of Thieves!

Now you can begin watching streams to receive in-game cosmetic rewards. From Friday, June 25 to Monday, June 28, you can earn three cosmetic items from the Obsidian set. Simply tune in to a Sea of Thieves stream for 20 minutes daily, and then claim your reward within 24 hours. Enjoy!