How to Make it to the End in PUBG Without Dying

How to make it to the end in PUBG without dying
How to make it to the end in PUBG without dying /

Player beware: PUBG survival is not always a glamorous task. Especially in solos, with no one to watch your back, any step taken is one toward danger. There are many approaches to success in PUBG, but the one reaping the greatest rewards in terms of survival is the discreet one.

Where many PUBG players might extoll the virtues of aggressive play, turning early violence into high level equipment for late game dominance, such a strategy is risky at best. You’re likely to find yourself back in the lobby after countless early deaths before you find the line that takes you to the chicken dinner.

If your goal is truly so simple as to survive to the final moments of PUBG, you may opt for a rather different approach.

Begin your run by landing in one of the map’s more sparsely populated locations. Aim for an area with mid-level loot, both in quality and quantity. Loot what you can find, then find a vehicle and drive straight to the heart of the zone.

Once there, shack up in whatever building you can find, then point your gun at the door and get to waiting. Your survival depends on your patience with this admittedly low-velocity tactic, on your listening for footsteps and on your split-second reflexes mowing down any fool who walks through the door.

Adjust your hiding place as necessitated by the circle’s shrinking size, making yourself as small and as menacing in close range as possible. Wait long enough and you’ll find yourself in the top 20, the top 10 and eventually the top five should you play your cards right.

From this point on, things become more difficult — hiding doesn’t work so well when there’s next to no cover. It may take some aggression to close out the map, but from here on out it’s all gravy. You’ve already survived to count yourself among the last men standing.

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