How to Play League of Legends Clash Mt. Targon Cup

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League of Legends has a popular rotating game mode called Clash, which returned in March for the first time since last year. Clash allows people to form a team of five players, and they compete against premade teams of a similar skill level in a tournament bracket.

Clash allows players to feel like they are in a similar situation to professional League of Legends, and it allows them to satiate their competitive drive. Since the game mode returned last month, players are excited to compete again in the next tournament.

Registration for the upcoming tournament has already begun, as the game mode returns this weekend. How can people play in the League of Legends Clash Mt. Targon Cup.

How to Play League of Legends Clash Mt. Targon Cup

People can participate in the upcoming Clash tournament by opening the League of Legends client and heading to the Clash tab. Depending on a player's rank, they will be placed in different tiers. Tier IV is the lowest skill level, while Tier I is the highest.

After heading to the clash tab, players can either find a team or create their own. Once the team has five players, they will all need to lock in at the time designated on the Clash page.

One you complete these steps, your team will be ready to compete in Clash.