League of Legends Clash 2023 Schedule

Riot Games

One of the most popular recurring game modes in League of Legends is Clash, which involves numerous teams of five that compete against each other in a tournament style single elimination bracket.

This game mode has been popular over the last few years due to its resemblance of professional League of Legends, as players can feed their competitive drive and earn rewards by participating in it. It also allows five friends to play together in a game mode that will likely be taken more seriously than ranked flex queue.

Although there was a delay in the Clash 2023 release because of the cyber attacks against Riot Games in January, here is the known schedule for the game mode this year.

League of Legends Clash 2023 Schedule

The dates have finally been announced for the first Clash 2023 tournament, and players will be fighting for the Bilgewater Cup. Much like previous Clash tournaments, there will be two weekends for players to participate in it.

The first Clash weekend will be Mar. 11-12. Players can begin registering for the tournament on Mar. 6. As long as teams are registered by the time matches start on either day, then they will be eligible to play in the tournament.

The second Clash weekend will be on Mar. 25-26, with registration beginning on Mar. 20. The Clash matches usually begin in the evening, and the tournament usually takes a couple hours to play.

Riot tries to hold Clash tournaments relatively frequently, as there were two week gaps between tournaments throughout 2022. Therefore, there should be another Clash tournament around mid-April, if Riot follows their previous scheduling procedures.

An important thing to note is that this upcoming Clash marks the official release of the game mode to players in Southeast Asia.