How to Play Rocket League in Fortnite

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A new update for Fortnite Creative has been released and gives players the chance to create and design islands featuring Rocket League's Octane vehicle. As such, we have a breakdown of how fans can play Rocket League in Fortnite.

The new update was announced on Oct. 4 and will feature various in-game items from Rocket League. The most exciting inclusion will be the Octane vehicle which will boast the exact same abilities it has in Rocket League. Fortnite creators have been challenged to create the best islands that take advantage of the new vehicle and those that do so will be featured in a special Discover row in November.

Rocket League Fortnite Map Codes

Fortnite players looking to play around with the new Rocket League additions can look to these islands for the best experiences.

Rocket League's Octane Tutorial

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Island Code: 7335-2078-5523

This island was created by 404 Creative and features various designs that help players understand how to use the various Rocket League items. If you're looking for inspiration and want to give the Octane vehicle a test run, this island is for you.

Rocket League's Octane Template

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Island Code: 7808-4434-5127

This is another 404 Creative island that gives players a wide-open area to master the Octane vehicle and its abilities. Players can also compete for the highest score with others by performing the best tricks.

Best Rocket League Parkour

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Island Code: 9699-8217-4900

This island was created by user Natmor and gives players the chance to pull off creative maneuvers that can earn them rewards in each level. This island is a blast and can help players get more of an understanding of the new mechanics that come with the Octane vehicle.