How to Redeem Apex Legends Gift Card

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

To redeem Apex Legends gift cards, players will go through the Electronic Arts website or in-store to buy a code that will allow players to use the value that was bought on the card for in-game purchases. Codes can be used in many regions, but must be used in the select region it was bought in.

EA, Microsoft, and Sony have their own gift cards in which players can use the value to buy games, in-game content, and any real-money items available in the Origin, Xbox, or PlayStation libraries respectively.

How to Redeem Apex Legends Gift Card

How to Redeem PC Gift Card

  1. Go to “EA Account” and “Billing Settings”
  2. Click on “Payment Methods”
  3. Next to EA Wallet, click “Add More”
  4. Type in EA Gift Card code
  5. Read and Accept the “Terms and Conditions”
  6. Click Submit

How to Redeem PlayStation Gift Card

To buy a PlayStation gift card, one must go to this link. Then, use following steps to redeem the voucher below:

  1. From the dashboard on-screen, head to the leftmost icon and go to the “Store”
  2. Scroll all of the ways down to “Redeem Codes”
  3. Enter the code either provided in the email sent digitally or on the back of the gift card

How to Redeem Xbox Gift Card

  1. Sign in to the Xbox console by using the Microsoft account in order to redeem codes
  2. From the Home screen, select and open the “Store” app, or go to “My Games & Apps”, select “Apps”, and select the “Store” app from there
  3. In the “Store” app, move the cursor left or press the “View” button on the controller to open the side menu
  4. From that menu, select “Redeem”
  5. Enter the 25-character code, and then follow the prompts