How to Refund Skins in Valorant

For those seeking to get a refund for their new skins, here's what players can do.
For those seeking to get a refund for their new skins, here's what players can do. / Photo by Riot Games

Refunding skins in Valorant isn't something most players will take advantage of, or even think of, but with the recent announcement of the Origin skin bundle and the Give Back Bundle and other skins presumably on their way, some players might regret purchasing a particular cosmetic, and would like to get their money back. Here's how Valorant players can refund skins in the game.

How to Refund Skins in Valorant

In order to begin the refund process, players will have to head over to the Riot Games website, specifically the support section, to begin.

  • Head to Riot Games Support
  • Click on the Valorant section
  • Select the Purchase History tab
  • Log in with your Riot Games account information
  • Your purchase information should pop up
  • Next to those specific purchases, click on the Refund button
  • If the skin is refundable, the Valorant game client will open, and players will be refunded.

The kicker is that there are rules at to what is or isn't refundable. According to this support page for Valorant, refunds are only given if the content is unused, the content was purchased in the last 14 days, and if the content is on the list of what can be refunded. Skins are refundable for Valorant, so players won't have to worry about the third rule, but the first one is particularly tricky. In this case, using the content would mean applying to your weapon, so many players looking to refund their new skin might be out of luck.