How to Romance Jack in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Romance Jack
Romance Jack / Photo courtesy by Electronic Arts.

Jack is a character that initially has nothing to do with the members of the crew but later becomes an interesting character; like Miranda in our last post.

It is necessary to be a male Shepard after completing the Dossier the convict. After having completed the task, we must find Jack alone in the lower levels of Normandy. When approaching her, she will think your first intentions are about sex and the player will have to clarify the intentions; enabling the affection for romance.

Shepard and Jack
Shepard and Jack / Photo courtesy by Electronic Arts.

How to Romance Jack in Mass Effect LE

Players using male Shepard have to make the intentions clear for romance, affecting all Mass Effect Legendary Edition decisions. Negative options will make characters and Jack upset, these need to be avoided in conversations. Completing the loyalty missions which correspond to Miranda and Jack regardless of order, players need to choose either character. Jack's character is a process to building a relationship and Shepard will get dialogue options on talking about their step; if there is more to it. Players choosing Jack won't be able to romance Miranda; vice versa.

If you fell in love with Jack in ME2, then you can meet her at Grissom Academy in ME3; after she punches you in the face and kisses you. Players will talk to her again later at Citadel in the Purgatory Bar, choosing to continue the relationship or end it.