How to Show FPS and Ping in Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment

Players with computers that run on the lower range of specs, which means keeping track of their FPS and ping is very important in games like Overwatch.

Those who play video games, whether it's on PC or console, will understand the frustration that comes with having a low ping or FPS counter.

Keeping track of your settings in first-person shooters is important, so here's how to see your Ping and FPS.

How to Show FPS and Ping in Overwatch

As with most online games, players tend to prefer to see their performance stats on their screen so they can keep track of problems as they occur.

In Overwatch, there's a few simple steps when it comes to seeing your FPS and Ping counters.

1. Display Performance Stats

Go to the game's options menu from the home screen and go to the video section. From there, enable 'Display Performance Stats' and then press the plus sign underneath that and enable 'Show Network Latency' to see your ping.

2. Show Framerate

Once you have the ping enabled, press the plus under the 'Display Performance Stats' setting and click on 'Show Framerate'. Now that that's enabled, you should also see your framerate in the top left corner.