How to Show Ping and FPS in League of Legends

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Newer League of Legends players may be wondering how others have been showing their ping or FPS in chat during a game. Whether a player wants to let their team know that their WiFi is buggy or that they can't stop lagging, here's a guide on how to show ping or FPS in League of Legends.

Being able to show ping or FPS can be extremely helpful when playing a game of Summoner's Rift or ARAM. Having high ping or low frame rates can change the quality of a player's gameplay as well as even cost the game.

For more serious League of Legends players, not being able to follow up in a teamfight or going into a fight and immediately dying can lead to someone reporting the player for throwing a game.

Communicating and letting teammates know that this is due to a connection issue, can save player's from a ton of trouble and a banned account.

How to Find Ping and FPS in League of Legends

First, in order to see your own ping or FPS, by default, these are both shown on the top right corner when players are in a game. If the game does not show ping or FPS in the right corner, simply pressing CTRL+F will allow this data to appear.

If this does not work, players must go into settings, click on hotkeys and go into display. There should be a "Toggle FPS Display" button. Players can then change this to any key they would like or the default CTRL+F combination.

How to Show Ping and FPS in League of Legends

To show teammates what your ping and FPS are in the game, players will need to go to settings and click on hotkeys. After going into the hotkeys tab, click on "Communication." The first changeable option should be "Alert Ping."

Players can choose what key to set this as. By holding down this key while left-clicking, this will ping the area that has been clicked on. Doing this to the ping and FPS in the right corner will bring share the player's ping and FPS to their team members.