How to Slide Step in MLB The Show 22

Image courtesy of San Diego Studio

Just like any other game, speed matters. In games like Call of Duty and Apex Legends, movement and being able to escape gunfire is what's important. In MLB The Show, speed on the base paths is what matters.

Well, how do you counter that speed on the base paths? In MLB The Show, there are two ways. The first is to throw a pitch out. Your pitcher will throw the ball up and away on purpose in hopes that the runner is stealing.

The other way is to do a slide step. A slide step is when the pitcher doesn't fully lift their leg, but instead, their first movement is toward home plate.

How to Slide Step in MLB The Show 22

Before you throw the pitch, everything is the same. You decide what pitch you want to throw and where you want to throw it. When you actually pitch the ball is when you change it up.

For Xbox users, you have to hold the left trigger or L2 while you pitch.

For PlayStation users, you also have to hold the left trigger or LT while you pitch.

Slide steps are extremely effective if you don't want to commit to a pitch out, but still want to move quickly to the plate. If the runner is going, then you already have the advantage to throw them out.

There is a trick when using slide steps too. Most often, you throw fastballs while slide stepping since you want everything to be as fast as possible to throw the runner out. Most hitters won't expect a curveball or a changeup to be thrown during a slide step.