How to Survive the Final Encounters in a Fortnite Match

How to survive the final encounters in Fortnite
How to survive the final encounters in Fortnite /

There was a time when Fortnite’s final showdown was a simple test of marksmanship, when success hinged not on one’s ability to build non-Euclidean structures towering into the sky but, rather on whether or not one could click on the enemy before they clicked on you.

Those days are long gone. Now, building skills are prized above all, and strategy in the deployment of one’s buildings counts for more than ever. In this new age, here are the keys to success in Fortnite’s final moments.

Before your reach the top 10 of a Fortnite match, be sure to set yourself up for success by procuring a few pieces of equipment. Keep an eye out for strong close range weapons, especially shotguns. These will make the difference in the final frantic 1-v-1 battles at the end of the round.

Explosives will clear the way to initiate those showdowns, and movement items such as Shockwave Grenades and Launch Pads will keep you mobile when the going gets tough.

Once you’ve found yourself in the endgame of a Fortnite round, get to building a fort to defend yourself. Try to keep that fort from the center of the ring, sticking to the edges instead. The idea is to remain undisturbed for as long as possible, and to have cover should disturbances arise.

When the player count drops low enough, keep an eye out for a chance to get involved. Keeping your head on a swivel, do your best to claim high ground over the enemy you engage with. Build up, but stay ready to throw walls up around you if necessary. Also be sure to anchor your structure at multiple points to avoid the embarrassing death by fall.

Strive always to maintain the high ground, taking potshots when you can, and over time, the pressure you put on your opponent will force them into increasingly compromised positions. Keep it up long enough and you’ll walk away with your very own Victory Royale.

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