How to Turn Into a Werewolf in Fortnite

Epic Games

This year, Fortnitemares is giving players the chance to turn into a werewolf. Here's how.

Fortnite's long awaited Fortnitemares update is here, bringing a number of spooky offerings to the island for 2022. A variety of content has been added in the v22.20 update, including brand new Fortnitemares quests to get stuck into from now until Nov. 1. These quests take players through everything the event has to offer, unlocking some exclusive cosmetics upon completion.

One of the biggest additions in this year's Fortnitemares turns players into a supernatural werewolf.

How to Turn Into a Werewolf in Fortnite

In order to gain werewolf abilities during Fortnitemares, players will need to locate Alteration Altars. There are a number dotted around the map, but the main one can be found at the Reality Tree. Step onto the Alteration Altar where you'll be prompted to perform the Ritual Emote.

Upon completing the ritual, you'll be bestowed with the Howler Claws. Equipping this item will activate a number of special canine abilities. The first is the Wolfscent Ability, which gives you tracking vision and puts a mark on enemies in a nearby radius. If no enemies are nearby, the ability will enter a cooldown immediately.

The Howler Claws also give players a four-combo melee attack — the Slash Ability. Players can also perform an Air Slash, activating a double-jump that harms enemies upon landing.

The Howler Claws will be available in-game until Nov. 1, at 2 a.m. ET.