How to Turn Off Car Alarm in Phasmophobia

Photo courtesy of Kinetic Games

Phasmophobia can feel intense at the best of times. Add in a ghost tampering with the car alarms and you've quickly got a communication nightmare on your hands. A ghost can turn on a car alarm at any time, provided it's within two meters of the car. This particular instance can occur in a variety of small maps.

Car alarms are used by ghosts to act as a deterrent against the player. It becomes hard to hear footsteps or supernatural noises and even harder to communicate with your teammates. So how do you turn them off?

How to Turn Off Car Alarm in Phasmophobia

Once the ghost triggers the car alarm, players will first need to locate the car keys. This can appear in random spots so it might take a bit of searching before it can be found. Typical spawn points include the front door and around nearby tables. Once obtained, take the keys back out to the car and equip them. Players should stand close to the left side door and left click to interact with the car. The alarm should now turn off, until the ghost activates it again.

The car alarm can be a useful way to locate the ghost. If players are able to find the keys and deactivate the alarm quickly, there's a good chance the ghost could still be lurking around.

It's important to note that the car alarm won't go off in every game. Players will need to be in a map that includes a car, such as Ridgeview Roadhouse.