How to Unlock Miss Fortune Item in League of Legends

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There are numerous new rewards that players can acquire in League of Legends, especially with the recent Lunar Revel event. These rewards involve new skins and chromas, in-game emotes, and even profile icons.

In addition to the Lunar Revel event, League of Legends has also begun season 13 and made several changes to the ranked system. With so much new content released within the game over the past couple of weeks, it can become difficult to keep track of the smaller rewards that are not advertised as much.

There is a profile icon that is unlockable for a limited time. Since the icon won't be available for long, it is important to know how to get it.

How to Unlock Miss Fortune Item in League of Legends

In order to unlock the new Miss Fortune icon, players must redeem their Microsoft Rewards points on the rewards website. This is similar to the Amazon Prime gaming loot that League of Legends offers monthly, as neither utilizes in game currency. It is important to note that this icon deal is only for U.S. members.

After acquiring the new icon, players can show it off in game by playing some games and experiencing the new season update.