When Does League of Legends Season 13 Start?

Riot Games

League of Legends Preseason 2023 started in mid-November, but will end next week to make room for the beginning of Season 13. The preseason patch included numerous changes to Summoner's Rift, including an updated Chemtech Dragon and changes to the jungle. There has also been a lot of new items featured throughout the League of Legends preseason, which have led to another tank meta.

Despite these new updates to the game, a majority of the player base is ready to move on and begin the new season.

When Does League of Legends Season 13 Start?

Much like previous years, the new League of Legends season usually begins within a couple weeks of a new year. Yesterday, Riot Games developer, Riot Brightmoon, tweeted that League of Legends Season 13 will start on Jan. 10.

The most recent patch was released nearly a month ago, and a majority of the champion buffs were given to tanks. That patch led to a tank focused meta and the gap between patches has been felt by the entire player base. The new season will bring another patch that will help balance the game by giving players different champions to select and different items to build.

With less than a week of preseason remaining, everyone can celebrate the beginning of another season in League of Legends.