League of Legends Chemtech Drake Soul Explained

Courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends has brought back the Chemtech Drake, a powerful neutral objective first introduced back in Season 12 before it was removed from the game to be reworked.

The Chemtech Drake made its first appearance during the beginning of Season 12 where it was brought into the game alongside the Hextech Drake. While the Hextech Drake stayed the same throughout Season 12, the Chemtech Drake faced a lot of criticism from the player base and was removed to be reworked.

For players wondering what the Chemtech Drake does now after being reworked, we've got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the Chemtech Drake soul.

League of Legends Chemtech Drake Soul Explained

In the official Preseason 2023 patch notes, Riot Games revealed that the Chemtech Drake would be making its return after a long period of absence. Having been reworked, many players are now wondering what the dragon can do.

Killing the Chemtech Drake will give players a five percent buff to their tenacity and a five percent buff to their healing and shielding power. When getting the Chemtech Dragon soul, however, players will instead receive a 10 percent damage resistance buff and do 10 percent more damage while below 50 percent health, acting similarly to the rune Last Stand.

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