League of Legends Heartsteel Balance Changes

Image courtesy of Riot Games.

The item Heartsteel is currently set to receive balance changes in League of Legends' ARAM mode and will be taken a look at for Summoner's Rift.

With preseason 2023 adding various new features and items to League of Legends, many players feel like some of these items are overpowered. One of the newest items added, a tank item named Heartsteel, is currently one of the best items in League of Legends. Heartsteel is a part of many high win rate builds, leaving many players to wonder if the item will be receiving a nerf in the future.

Here is everything we currently know about the balance changes Heartsteel will receive in the future in League of Legends.

League of Legends Heartsteel Balance Changes

On Twitter, lead designer of the League of Legends balance team Matt Leung-Harrison said that the team's approach to both the tank meta currently dominating the game in SR and the item Heartsteel is to react and implement changes needed rather than to change things before the meta stabilizes.

While Leung-Harrison states that the balance team believes that Heartsteel is currently balanced on SR, they have made mention before that the item could use changes on ARAM. In ARAM, Heartsteel will be changing how much permanent health is gained, going from 10% damage dealt to 5%.

While it has yet to be seen if Heartsteel will be receiving changes in SR, it appears that the balance team is keeping their eyes closely on this item.

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