How to Unlock the Sumeru Underwater Waypoint and Domain in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Sumeru's Underwater Waypoint
Genshin Impact Sumeru's Underwater Waypoint / Courtesy of MiHoYo

Here's how to unlock the underwater Waypoint and Domain in Sumeru in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact 3.0 has finally been released, alongside the new Sumeru region. With an entire new area of the map to explore, unlocking Waypoints is necessary if players want to be able to get around the new area quickly, and keep track of where they've already been. In Sumeru, one of these new Waypoints is underwater, alongside a new Domain. Here's how players can unlock them.

Twitter User @michikeys created a simple tutorial for players trying to unlock the underwater structures. First, players should start by the Statue of the Seven nearest to the underwater Waypoint. From there, players should position themselves to face where the underwater Waypoint is, and they should see a Dendro Teleporter (a point that allows players to turn into an Elemental ball and travel extremely fast through the air). Players should travel using this point, head forward, then make a turn left to see the next one of these points.

How to Unlock the Sumeru Underwater Waypoint and Domain in Genshin Impact

From there, players should fly over the lake and waterfall, then glide to the entrance at the top of the waterfall. There, players should defeat all nearby enemies and unleash the seal mechanisms that are there. Once the seal is unleashed, players can go deeper into the area and down a steep incline, where they'll find four Dendro Totems.

Use the Dendro Element to light the four Totems (two of them are inside Root Seals, which need to be destroyed with a Claymore attack and a Dendrogranum). To get Dendrogranums, there's a large cylindrical stone covered in branches in the area, players just need to attack it with Dendro and then defeat the enemy that's summoned. Another is inside a seal that players need to navigate their way behind.

Once all the Totems are lit up, players will be able to start the mechanism that was just unlocked. Doing so will cause the water to go down, allowing players to unlock the Waypoint. To unlock the Fragment of Childhood Domain, players will need to go back to the location of the Dendro Totems and head below the large mehcanism. From there, players should kill the three enemies, and enter the large circular door.

Finally, players just need to complete the puzzle using Dendrogranum to unlock the Domain.