How to Upgrade Your Gear in Diablo Immortal

Gear in Diablo Immortal usually has three types of stats: Base Stats, Attributes and Magic Attributes.
Gear in Diablo Immortal usually has three types of stats: Base Stats, Attributes and Magic Attributes. / Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

In Diablo Immortal, before players embark on their journeys in the world of Sanctuary to help defend against the demonic horde onslaught, it's imperative to understand the game's gear progression system.

Like in every Diablo game, diverse and build-defining loot is heavily emphasized in Diablo Immortal. Players can find all their gear by playing the game, either dropped by monsters or sold by NPC vendors for gold. For those looking to fully optimize their characters and build them to their liking, here's a breakdown of the gear progression system in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Gear Upgrading Guide

In Diablo Immortal, players must first complete the main storyline in order to unlock the ability to upgrade gear. Once the main story is done, head over to Westmarch and find the blacksmith. One of their services will include the ability to upgrade gear.

For primary gear, only rare and legendary items can be upgraded in exchange for Gold, Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust and Shards. A rare item can be upgraded up to Rank 5 while a legendary item can be upgraded up to Rank 20.

For secondary gear, rare items can also be upgraded up to Rank 5 while set items can be upgraded up to Rank 10.

For both primary and secondary gear, the cost of doing so goes up every time an item is upgraded.

In order to have enough Scrap Materials in order to be able to do so, be sure to routinely Salvage your unwanted gear at the blacksmith, who will destroy them and net you more.

Meanwhile, Enchanted Dust is earned by defeating enemies and opening loot chests, salvaging pieces of Rare equipment, completing side quests and exchanging Scrap Materials at the Smithing Materials vendor in Westmarch.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to upgrade Rare gear early on as you can always transfer the rank from your current piece of gear to a piece (of the same category) you like later on. If any of your currently equipped gears have gear ranks, replacing them with new pieces of gear provides you with the option to transfer their gear rank to the new gears. You can also use the Rank Transfer menu at the Blacksmith to transfer gear ranks manually.

Diablo Immortal was released in Open Beta for iOS, Android and Windows PC (via on June 2.

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