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How to Use Medi-Gel in Mass Effect 2

Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts

Medi-gel is the quintessential healing item in the Mass Effect series, able to cure wounds and revive allies. However, its use undergoes changes from game to game, so it may be difficult to keep track of how exactly to use it. Here's a guide on how to use Medi-gel in Mass Effect 2.

How to Use Medi-Gel in Mass Effect 2

In Mass Effect 2, Medi-gel changed from the active healing item it was in the original Mass Effect to a heal that functions both actively and passively. Passively, as long as the Shepard and their squad members take some cover during a battle and avoid damage for a short period of time, Medi-gel will gradually be consumed to regenerate the squad's health over time. Therefore, pressing a button to heal is less of a concern compared to the original game.

Actively, the Shepard can use the Unity power to administer a unit of Medi-gel to revive a fallen squadmate. Through research, Medi-gel can also be upgraded later in the game to actively heal the entire squad's HP and restore their shields as well, which helps the squad stay alive through tricky situations.

The active ability of Medi-gel can be used while the Shepard is taking damage, although it has a short casting animation that can be interrupted by enemy attacks that cause staggers or stuns. Once the heal animation begins, the heal will no longer be interrupted.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Medi-gel, medical kit
Opening a medical kit / Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts

You can find Medi-gel by searching aid containers all over the world. Initially, the Shepard can only carry a maximum of three Medi-gel units, but with upgrades, the maximum capacity can increase to nine Medi-gel units.

Doing research to increase the effectiveness of using Medi-gel is an important way to keep your squad alive and healthy throughout the game. Here are some other tips you might want to know going into Mass Effect 2.