How to Use Premium Crate Coupon in PUBG

How To Use Premium Crate Coupon in PUBG
How To Use Premium Crate Coupon in PUBG / PUBG

How to use premium crate coupons in PUBG for players with some scraps in their inventory. PUBG has different types of crates, like the Premium crates, Classic crates, Supply crates, and Exclusive crates. For each type of crate there are coupons for that crate. The crates can be opened by using coupons or by using UC, PUBG's in-game currency. The scraps are materials used to then earn coupons. PUBG players can obtain them through events or opening crates and finding them inside.

How To Use Premium Crate Coupon in PUBG

To use premium crate coupons, locate the scraps in your inventory and combine them to make premium coupons. There will be a big "combine" button located on your screen when hovering the scraps. You will need a handful of scraps to make a coupon. From there you can use the coupon to open up a crate.

Premium crates typically unlock the best rewards. These rewards can be legendary items like skins, weapons, and clothes. As with the release of new seasons and challenges, you will find new rewards coming from the premium crates. In your quest to collect every skin and weapon in PUBG, I wish you the best of luck.