How to Use Tuning Forks in Tunic

TUNIC / Photo courtesy of TUNIC Team

Tuning Forks are appearing everywhere in TUNIC, but how do you use them? We've come up with a guide to help.

According to reviewers across Steam, TUNIC is if Dark Souls and Zelda mixed together to create a unique action game. It has had a strong first week after being released, with a majority of admirable ratings from players. TUNIC is described as an adventurous game that includes puzzles and combat throughout.

Even though this game may be fun to play, players who just got the game are trying to find out what items like Tuning Forks are used for. They are found in many places, but seem unusable when you first begin the game.

Here's how to utilize the Tuning Forks in TUNIC.

Tuning Forks Purpose in TUNIC

Tuning Fork points may seem pointless at first, but it is because you have to obtain a Grapple Hook in order to utilize them.

A Grapple Hook will help you in your game, as you can grapple to these points without using your magic. It can also be used against opponents by stunning them. When used in combat, it costs you magic power. Because of this, you have to be careful when timing the use of this item. The Grapple Hook can be found in Frog's Domain.

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