How to Watch $25K Code Red Warzone Duos Tournament

Image courtesy of Activision/BoomTV

The first Warzone competition of 2022 is about to kick off. Here's how to watch the Code Red Warzone Duos tournament.

With a $25,000 prize pool up for grabs, 2022 is starting off strong with the Code Red Warzone Duos tournament hosted by BoomTV. Fans can expect the show to feature both pros and streamers battling it out to prove their skills and walk away with the top prize.

There are a number of conditions for competitors to know and adhere to. For starters, the tournament will be making use of the Vanguard Royale playlist which means that Vanguard-only weapons will be in play. Planes have been banned, however, so Duos won't be allowed to fly themselves to victory.

Any glitches and exploits found to be used will also be frowned upon. Recently a trick was found that enabled players to keep their full loadout after death. Naturally, any player using this exploit will be disqualified.

How to Watch $25K Code Red Warzone Duos Tournament

The Code Red Warzone Duos tournament will be taking place on Jan. 5, at 2:00 p.m. ET. Players looking to keep up with the action can watch along with the official BoomTV Twitch stream.

As always, though, competing pros and streamers will be sharing their own POV of the matches so be sure to check those out for a more intimate view.

$25K Code Red Warzone Duos Tournament Rules and Format

The format for this tournament will be a 2v2 Duos in Vanguard Royale Quads with a mix of 16 male captains and 16 female captains. Two teams will enter the same lobby and compete to rack up as many eliminations as possible. If a game ends in a tie, then a replay will be initiaited. The following is BoomTV's list of what is and isn't allowed during the tournament:

  • Shooting vehicles is allowed.
  • Shooting unsuppressed near an enemy is allowed.
  • If your duo is alive, you're allowed to play out a jailbreak.
  • Coming back as a result of a Jailbreak is not allowed if your duo is dead. The player must kill themselves immediately.
  • Use of a planes is not allowed. There is a grace period for those coming out of gulag, but use of the plane outside of that is forbidden.
  • Players are not allowed to exploit the current glitch/glitches, allowing them to spawn back with their loadouts.

As for the prizing, the $25,000 prize pool will be broken down as follows:

  • 1st: $10,000
  • 2nd: $6,000
  • 3rd: $4,000
  • Bounties: $5,000

With a number of teams already locked in, including the likes of Emzy and Fifakill, we can surely expect an explosive start to 2022.