Insane New Rampart Bug Could Ruin Apex Legends

Check out this new Rampart bug in Apex Legends.
Check out this new Rampart bug in Apex Legends. / Respawn Entertainment

A deadly new Rampart bug in Apex Legends could keep players from ever playing the Controller Legend again.

Although Rampart is not a popular choice among players in Apex Legends Season 18, the Legend still possesses a handy Ultimate that can change the course of a match. Her Mobile Minigun, Sheila, deals 14 damage per round with a 2x headshot multiplier, and is an easy weapon to put in some long-range shots.

Unfortunately, one player experienced a bug while using Sheila that instantly ruined their game.

Insane New Rampart Bug Could Ruin Apex Legends

A clip shared by Maro Maro on X shows an insane new Rampart bug that happened at an Apex Legends tournament in Japan. With 20 squads up, player 896_Beniii used Rampart's Ultimate to spray an enemy team across the map.

As the player ran out of ammo, they were suddenly dropped down to a lower level of the building they were holding. Once they phased through the floor, they landed a new squad waiting to kill the unsuspecting player.

The clip is captioned, "When I was having fun shooting Sheila, I suddenly warped down with a bug." The player is audibly shocked after the bug leads to their elimination in the match.

Reddit Reacts to New Rampart Bug

The clip made its way to Reddit and members of the Apex Legends community are both shocked and not surprised at all. After all, Rampart is no stranger to game-breaking bugs; over the past three years, we have seen her be able to shoot through Gibraltar's shield, fly around the map, and have unlimited ammo for Shelia.

Now, in response to her latest bug, one user, dodgers1016, wrote, "Only on Apex would someone glitch 100 feet below them into a building. At least they had a good laugh about it."

Another user, subavgredditposter, wrote, "New bug every 2 days as expected with this game at this point lol."

The clip was posted on Aug. 26 and already has 4.9 million views. Hopefully the traction on both Reddit and X will gain Respawn Entertainment's attention so they can look into a way to permanently patch the bug.