IO Drill Outposts to Emerge in Fortnite Chapter 3, According to Leaks

Image courtesy of Epic Games

With Winterfest 2021 drawing to a close, players will be looking ahead to what Fortnite Chapter 3 has to offer us for 2022. Thanks to some leakers, though, we may already have an idea.

Epic Games has already revealed that there are a number of features still to come in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1. When players were first introduced to the new map, the developers put together a little orientation guide. In it we saw descriptions of some of the new areas we've now grown to know pretty well, such as Sanctuary and Chonker's Speedway, but some features have yet to make an appearance.

For starters, the guide mentions that further into the season we could start seeing some meteorological instances of lightning and even tornadoes. But, according to some recent leaks, that's not all that could be heading our way.

IO Drill Outposts to Emerge in Fortnite Chapter 3, According to Leaks

Known Fortnite leaker, HYPEX, took to Twitter to reveal some information about IO Drill Outposts and when they might start appearing on the map.

According to the leaker, these IO Drill Outposts will start emerging once the snow begins to melt on Jan. 7. These new outposts seem to contain supply tents, a large drilling vehicle, and other equipment. While its unclear exactly what their purpose will be in the overall narrative, it certainly seems like this chapter is gearing up for something.

So far, it seems as though a total of five outposts will be placed around the map; four spread out towards the corners of the map and another located right in the middle.

One outpost seems to have already emerged, however, according to HYPEX. Found near Logjam Lumberyard, players should be on the lookout for a large driller and some IO Guards patrolling the area.

With what seems like plenty more still to come from Fortite Chapter 3, Season 1, players are likely in for quite a ride.