Is Barbie Coming to Fortnite?

As of now, Barbie is not in Fortnite.
As of now, Barbie is not in Fortnite. / Warner Bros.

As Barbie continues to dominate the box office, there is a huge opportunity for a Barbie x Fortnite crossover.

Fortnite is known for its blockbuster collaborations with mainstream TV shows, films, athletes, musicians, and more. Multiple familiar faces join the Battle Royale every season, and they almost always come in celebration of a new release or trend. Fortnite WILDS has already released an Optimus Prime Battle Pass skin, Futurama characters, and now, Jujutsu Kaisen skins.

All of the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 crossovers pale in comparison to the hype surrounding Barbie. The biggest movie in the world has taken over the summer and seems like a no-brainer collaboration for Fortnite.

So, can fans expect to see Barbie in Fortnite?

Is Barbie Coming to Fortnite?

No, Barbie is not coming to Fortnite...yet. As of now, there have been no leaks or news from Epic Games that confirm a possible Barbie collaboration in Fortnite. Typically, the collaboration would have already launched alongside the release of the film.

Although Barbie is not in the Item Shop, one creator, SquatingDog, did ensure that fans can travel to Barbie's Dreamhouse in Fortnite. A Creative island, called BARBENHEIMER, transports players to a map that is half Barbie and half Oppenheimer. In honor of one of the biggest box office weekends in history, the island encourages players to battle through a black and white Oppenheimer-inspired landscape that bleeds into the world of Barbie.

The BARBENHEIMER map code is: 0347-5540-6538.