Is Celebi Coming to Pokemon UNITE?

Photo courtesy of Game Freak/The Pokemon Company

The newly-released Pokemon UNITE features a wide variety of monsters spanning across all eight regions of the mainline series, and fans seem pretty content with the current roster. But amongst all the potential additions to the cast, both confirmed and speculated, fans are asking: is Celebi Coming to Pokemon UNITE?

From fan-favorites like Lucario and Gardevior present to more obscure Pokemon making the cut like Crustle and Cramorant, the roster showcases a good sample of what the Pokemon cast consists of. Blissey’s inclusion may have been a rather controversial one, but it’s reasonable to infer that a Pokemon as well-liked as Celebi could see praise upon reveal. 

As things stand right now, Celebi is not planned to make their debut in the game. However, an addition like Celibi would certainly be a welcome one, considering the mythical is one of the lesser featured Pokemon in the series as a whole. 

While it’s inclusion may seem like an unlikely one, it’s not entirely out of the question. It’s already been confirmed that there will be additional Pokemon added into the game beyond Blastoise, Gardevior, and Blissey, so maybe the Johto myth themselves may have a shot after all. With Zeraora’s inclusion in the game, mythicals aren’t off the table. 

Is Celebi Coming to Pokemon UNITE?

Celibi is known as the Time Travel Pokemon, so time is on it’s side. Perhaps the flow of time could be incorporated into it’s moveset, maybe in a Unite Move or an AoE-type move. It would most likely see use as a Supporter character, using time to slow opponents down or send them back to a spot earlier traversed in the map. The potential of a Pokemon like this is rather large, so it’s a tall order to develop a moveset for Celebi that fits with them and their affinity with time.

Pokemon UNITE is now available to play on the Nintendo Switch, with a mobile port scheduled to release in September.