Is Fortnite Getting a First-Person Mode?

Epic Games

Out of all the big battle royales, Fortnite seems to be the only one without a first-person mode. But is that about to change?

Despite Fortnite kicking off the battle royale super craze, since its debut the game has remained in a third-person perspective. Plenty of the titles that followed, like Warzone and Apex Legends, decided to switch things up with the more immersive first-person perspective.

Fortnite works perfectly well in third-person and is a comfortable way to make use of the game's building mechanic. But in newer modes like Fortnite Zero Build, there's certainly less of an argument to keep things the way they are.

Fortnite Leaker Claims First-Person Mode Coming This Year

According to various Fortnite leakers, Epic Games is working on a first-person mode for Fortnite. In fact, evidence of this was reportedly found in the game's files as shared by leaker Shiina, via AyeTSG.

If you're wondering how it'll look, the leaker managed to get an idea through a bug. "Here's our first look at what First-Person will look like once it comes to the game later this year."

The perspective looks a little rough owing to it being achieved through a bug, but it does give a small glimpse at what the feature will feel like.

In other Fortnite news, Epic Games has added in a second wave of Dragon Ball cosmetics. Players can now purchase Gohan and Piccolo Outfits in the Item Shop. The collaboration also marks the return of the Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud.