Is Gustavo Fring in Fortnite?

The fan-made concept has generated a lot of buzz in the Fortnite community.
The fan-made concept has generated a lot of buzz in the Fortnite community. / Image courtesy of @hxzsh via Twitter

A new Fortnite concept has gotten plenty of players excited for possible future collaborations, leading many to ask if Breaking Bad's Gustavo Fring is in Fortnite.

Epic Games is no stranger to collaborations, even the more outlandish and questionable ones. So far players have had the chance to collect skins of Athletes, memes, superheroes, and plenty more. Television and Film characters have also had their time in the Fortnite spotlight, such as Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.

A new fan concept has emerged recently, however, of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul antagonist Gustavo Fring. The concept has captured the imaginations of the Fortnite community, with many realizing just how well the character would fit into the Battle Royale.

Is Breaking Bad's Gustavo Fring in Fortnite?

Sadly, at the time of writing, Gustavo Fring is not in Fortnite. As far as we know, Epic Games currently has no plans to bring the character onto the Island. The excitement was simply generated by a fan-made concept of a Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad bundle.

The fan-made concept has existed for a few months, but players have only recently begun paying attention. The fantasy bundle included skins for Better Call Saul lead Saul Goodman, Los Pollos Hermanos Meal Back Bling, Gustavo Fring, and even Walter White and Jesse Pinkman skins.

Given Epic's willingness to collaborate with even the weirdest properties, its not outlandish to imagine that a Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul crossover could happen at some point. Perhaps with enough fan demand, Epic might at least give it some thought.