Is League of Legends Your Shop Returning in April 2023?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends contains numerous skins that encourages people to spend money on the game, as they can acquire beautiful cosmetics for their favorite champions. There have been numerous skin lines released in 2023 already, including the most recent April Fool's Day and Faerie Court sets.

In order to help players feel the urge to buy skins, Riot Games releases an exclusive shop that offers particular skins at a discounted price. This exclusive shop is called "Your Shop" and will usually have cosmetics for the champions that you have played recently.

There have already been a couple of Your Shops released in 2023, and players are wondering when the next one will occur. So, will there be a Your Shop coming out in April 2023?

Is League of Legends Your Shop Returning in April 2023?

There is not currently a release date for the next Your Shop, but it has aligned with the Valorant Night Market recently. Since the exclusive Valorant shop will end on Apr. 25, it is certainly possible that there will be a Your Shop released at the end of this month.

Players can expect that there will be an exclusive League of Legends shop available relatively soon.