Is Marc Overmars in FIFA 23?

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Marc Overmars was one of the first-ever Icons added in FIFA 18 post Legends. The Dutch Winger was suspended from FIFA 22 amid allegations of misconduct while working at Ajax, and he is no longer available in packs.

This suspension brings new questions for Overmars in the future of FIFA, will Marc Overmars be in FIFA 23?

Is Marc Overmars in FIFA 23?

According to Ultimate Team Leaker FutSheriff on Twitter, Overmars will still feature in FIFA 23 when the game is revealed. It is still a bit early before the launch of FIFA 23, so the decision to keep Overmars may change within the coming months. However, Sheriff says that Overmars should remain in the game.

As well as Overmars, FutSheriff also says that Marco Van Basten and Diego Maradona will also remain in the next installment of FIFA after being removed from FIFA 22. Van Basten's reason for being removed did concern negative behavior and conduct, while Maradona's was due to licensing issues. It'll be interesting if they do stay in the game. We'll have to wait for EA to give news on these Icons prior to the release of FIFA 23.