Is Peter Griffin Coming to Fortnite?

Image Courtesy of FOX

Could Peter Griffin be joining the Fortnite ranks? Here's what you need to know.

Of all the crossovers, partnerships, and unique player outfits that Fortnite has to offer, one treasured pop culture icon remains unavailable. His name? It's Peter Griffin. Many have taken to Twitter recently to express their disdain that Fortnite is still lacking Quahog's favorite father.

Notorious Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey called attention to evidence that suggested a potential upcoming Family Guy x Fortnite partnership back in April. Other predictions for Season 3 character appearances, such as Darth Vader and Indiana Jones have proved accurate. Although fans of Family Guy and Doom are still waiting.

Is Peter Griffin Coming to Fortnite?

For some reason several months after the leak, the topic has begun to trend on Twitter. Perhaps the recent announcement of other partnerships such as Wolverine and John Cena has Family Guy fans restless or even jealous. Either way, the tweets keep rolling in. Some are hopeful, some, angrier, and some even visualize what a potential Peter Griffin skin might look like.

As of this article, any official association with Peter Griffin or Family Guy has yet to be announced by Epic Games. The possibility of a formal collaboration still remains, urged on by the voices of thousands of fans online. Until an official announcement is made, fans will have to remain Peter-less, as uncomfortable as that may be.