Is Propnight on Xbox?


Propnight, Mytona's multiplayer hide-and-seek horror game, has been revamped for Halloween. But does this means it's available on Xbox?

Originally released in 2021, Propnight is Mytona's debut title released primarily for PC on Steam. It is exclusively multiplayer, which each round being 4-on-1 in deadly and unpredictable hide-and-seek rounds. While each mode has unique abilities that allow you to either survive or destroy everything on the map, the game also has an online competitive mode in which loot boxes and levels can be earned.

On Oct. 25 the game underwent a major Halloween update called "Propnight Reborn". In the update, new killers, maps, ranking systems, abilities, and achievements were added, as well as a complete overhaul to its UI, physics, and level progression.

Is Propnight on Xbox?

Although Propnight has gone through a major overhaul, it is unfortunately not available on Xbox or any platform aside from PC. While there are no plans to release the game on consoles, its development studio FNTASTIC's newest title The Day Before is set for a PlayStation, Xbox and PC release in 2023, and Propnight may be next in line.

Originally $19.99, Propnight is currently discounted on Steam at $9.99 until Nov. 2. Halloween may be over, but if you're looking to play the best horror games of the year, we've got you covered with our top games for Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus.