Is Redfall Coming to PlayStation Plus?

Arkane Austin

Arkane Austin's vampire-hunting first-person shooter Redfall is coming out soon after a lengthy delay. The game, developed by the studio responsible for 2017's sci-fi shooter Prey, offers something new from Arkane - a huge open world and four-player co-op. It sounds like the perfect game for PlayStation Plus, but is it coming to Sony's subscription service? Here's what we know.

Redfall takes place in a small Massachusetts town overtaken by vampires and cultists. A permanent eclipse casts a shadow over the town, and its up to heroes Layla, Jacob, Devinder and Remi to scour Redfall's vampiric invaders.

Is Redfall Coming to PlayStation Plus?

Currently, Redfall is not coming to PlayStation Plus, or PlayStation at all, for that matter, according to Prima Games. Due to the new exclusivity rules provided by Microsoft's acquisition of Arkane parent company Bethesda, Redfall is not set to come to PlayStation - ever, as of now.

While this may be disappointing to PlayStation players, the game will be available on Xbox Series X/S, and PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store. Furthermore, players on these platforms will be able to party up via cross-play functionality, though only the host saves campaign progression.

Lastly, players will not be able to play the game locally, as it only supports online co-op, even on console.