Is Rumbleverse on Nintendo Switch?

Epic Games

Rumbleverse, Epic Games' new free-to-play battle royale game, is now available for PlayStation, PC and Xbox. Both single-player and multiplayer options are available, with cross-platform play possible with a connected Epic Games account. However, as new features and items are being rolled out, some players are wondering: is Rumbleverse playable on Nintendo Switch?

What is Rumbleverse?

In Rumbleverse, players can create a unique champion to face-off with 39 other players in its solo mode or in a pair against 19 others in duo mode. Additionally, the game has a "playground mode" in which players can practice combat and experience the world of Grapital City.

Is Rumbleverse on the Switch?

Unfortunately, Rumbleverse is not playable on the Switch. While it is possible to link an Epic Games account to a Nintendo Switch, its only titles currently available to play are Fortnite and Fall Guys. Despite cross-platform play and optimization for Epic Games users on PlayStation and Xbox, a Switch port has not yet been mentioned by developers.

However, Iron Galaxy, Rumbleverse's developer, is known for creating several ports of large titles, notably Switch ports of popular titles Overwatch and Diablo III. Interestingly, the studio is also responsible for porting Fortnite to Xbox and PlayStation, leading some fans to believe that a Rumbleverse Switch port is not completely out of the question.