Is the New Dead Space a Remake or Reboot?

Dead Space (2023) is set to launch on Jan. 27.
Dead Space (2023) is set to launch on Jan. 27. / Motive Studio

The return of Motive Studio's seminal series, Dead Space, is set to occur very soon. Dead Space (2023) launches for PC and consoles on Jan. 27, but in the world of franchises constantly being revived, it can be difficult to keep track of new and returning stories.

The original Dead Space was released in 2008 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The game follows Isaac Clarke, an engineer, who is tasked with investigating the disappearance of the spacecraft USG Ishimura, as well as his girlfriend Nicole, an Ishimura crew member. Once on board, Clarke is separated from his team and forced to contend with nightmarish mutant horrors and other hazards, defending himself using improvised weapons like the iconic Plasma Cutter.

The original Dead Space achieved critical acclaim and spawned two sequels that also received praise from critics and players alike, perhaps explaining why anticipation for the remake has reached such a fever pitch in recent months. Players were recently treated with another pleasant surprise: pre-ordering Dead Space (2023) for PC gives them access to an additional free game.

Is the New Dead Space a Remake or Reboot?

Dead Space (2023) is a remake, not a reboot. This means the game will return to the original world, story and characters of the 2008 game, and will cover many of the same events, potentially even remaking them "shot for shot." Fans will likely be happy to return to a game they are familiar with, while new players can experience the game for the first time without any prior knowledge.

However, the game is not a mere remaster either. In addition to delivering technical improvements and visual updates, gameplay elements are being reworked in order to rebuild the game "from the ground up," according to the game's Steam page.