Is There a Beta for Homeworld 3?

Will there be a beta for Homeworld 3?
Will there be a beta for Homeworld 3? / Photo courtesy of Blackbird Interactive

Is there a beta for Homeworld 3?

After initially being revealed during the E3 Gearbox presentation as the series' first mainline game officially in production since 2003, anticipation surrounding Homeworld 3 continues to build the closer we get to its 2022 release date.

Here's the latest for players anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get an early taste of what Homeworld 3 has in store.

Is There a Beta for Homeworld 3?

At the time of writing, there isn't a beta for Homeworld 3.

According to Blackbird Interactive's dev update website for Homeworld 3, the game remains a work in progress with the team continuing to push for its expected Q4 2022 release.

Unfortunately, with the dev team's latest status update simply being that Homeworld 3 is now in production with the Gearbox Publishing team, there still isn't much out there in terms of when a beta for the space-faring RTS would take place.

However, there are signs that point towards there being a high chance of a Homeworld 3 beta happening sometime next year.

While the dev team's website continues to show that out of the game's six development stages, Homeworld 3 still remains in the first "Pre-Production Stage," there is also a fourth "Beta Stage" listed where the game at this point "needs to be more widely used to ensure stability."

Once we’re closer to launch next year, you’ll see the beautiful trailers, gameplay videos, and big details like platform availability you can expect. We are taking our time with those major marketing assets because it's critical to get them right and grow the Homeworld audience. The more of us there are, the brighter the future of Homeworld can be.

Blackbird Interactive

Additionally, considering Blackbird Interactive held a beta for Homeworld Mobile, it's hard to think that they wouldn't beta test their flagship title before it's out.