Is There Game Chat in Dead by Daylight

Photo courtesy Behaviour Interactive

The game chat in Dead by Daylight is only available in pre-game and post-game lobbies, being limited to that of only text chat. As players have hoped that developers Behaviour Interactive would incorporate a voice chat for the survivors, but developers have emphasized that this feature will not be added to the game. Instead, players can utilize other programs such as Discord to simulate that there is a voice chat in-game.

Is There a Game Chat in Dead by Daylight

There has only been a text game chat implemented into the game Dead by Daylight, with an explicit language filter turned on which censors any inappropriate language, it can only be used before and after the game when the players are in the lobbies. 

But players seem to hope for either a text chat or more highly requested, a voice chat, in the game, when the survivors are trying to not get killed by the killer by turning on generators. 

This hope of a voice chat is quickly diminished, as developers from Behaviour Interactive had confirmed quite some time ago that they have no intention of creating a voice chat in-game. The reasoning many have concluded is it takes away from the experience of the game of surviving in silence, only being able to communicate with your team members with gestures, it makes it that much more challenging to play, but at the same time, all the more rewarding in this thriller game.

Even with the values of the game established, many players still wish for that voice chat experience, and if they can’t find it in the game, then they can find themselves using services such as Discord or other video-calling services.