Is Valorant Night Market Coming in March 2023?

Riot Games

The Valorant Night Market is a personalized shop that appears frequently throughout each year, and it offers each player discounts for six weapon skins. The shop typically remains for a couple weeks to ensure players have ample time to contemplate and purchase skins for some of their most used weapons.

The Night Market has some stipulations with what can appear inside, one of which being that only Deluxe or Premium weapon skins are available. Given the popularity of the Night Market, Riot Games releases a new one every month or two. This helps keep the player base interested in the game and continuously wanting to buy more skins.

Will there be a Night Market launching in Mar. 2023?

Is Valorant Night Market Coming in March 2023?

There was a Night Market released Feb. 15, which had an increased expiration to help players have more time to purchase skins from it. This increased deadline has been increased to Mar. 7, which means that there will likely not be another Night Market until April.

This lines up with the previous release dates for Night Markets, as both previous years had a release in February and April. None of the Night Market releases have ever been in March, but players can buy gun skins from the current market until the end of the first week of March.