Jedi Fallen Order Lantern Water Puzzle: How to Solve

Two words that every gamer has learned to hate ever since Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: water and puzzle. Over 20 years later, Jedi Fallen Order includes its very own Water Puzzle in the Tomb of Miktrul, and while it involves a lot less swimming, it still involves a very confusing and tedious process that players must complete in order to get past the second Zeffo tomb and get further into the game.

Jedi Fallen Order Lantern Water Puzzle: How to Solve

The Tomb of Miktrul has its fair share of platforming, but once you get to the end of it all its worth it.

These are the steps to complete the Latntern Water Puzzle once you reach the second floor of the Tomb of Miktrul:

  1. Pull the rope by the pushable block and lock it into a socket found to the left
  2. If the pulling wall is not on, press the button to enable it so that it emits a forcefield
  3. Move to the right side and go across to the vines and climb to the other half of the floor
  4. Pick up a votive candle (the lantern), and throw it into the forcefield the pulling wall is emitting
  5. Headback to the other side and Force Pull the lantern out of the forcefield
  6. Carry the lantern to the chain while avoiding the falling water
  7. Throw the lantern into the branches to drop the hanging ball to the bottom floor
  8. Use Force Push and Pull to move the ball to the plate on the ground to trigger the spire

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment