JGOD Reveals 'Most Overpowered' Aim Assist Setting in Modern Warfare 2

"It came out that like the Black Ops one was like one to three percent stronger."
"It came out that like the Black Ops one was like one to three percent stronger." / Activision, JGOD

It appears the meta aim assist setting to use in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 may have just been identified by content creator JGOD.

As longtime COD players are probably well aware, the series has long had one of the strongest aim assist systems in the shooter genre for those on controller, so long as you had the right settings of course.

Breaking it all down in a recent YouTube video eloquently titled, "How to Abuse Aim Assist in Modern Warfare II," JGOD showcased how the Black Ops aim assist setting is perhaps one that all controller players should be giving a try in Modern Warfare 2 as soon as possible.

How Does Aim Assist Work in Modern Warfare 2?

As explained by JGOD in the video, there are two types of aim assist that can be given to controller players in Modern Warfare 2:

  • Rotational: Activates while moving the left stick and looking at an opponent
  • Slowdown: Activates while moving the right stick and looking at an opponent

"If you're not applying some kind of input at all times," JGOD said, "you're not going to get aim assist."

Per JGOD, Rotational aim assist is the more important of the two as it kicks in even while you're not really trying to aim.

Additionally, JGOD revealed that players in MW2 do not receive aim assist through smokes, as well as while they're stunned.

This certainly makes sense as Infinity Ward and Activision don't want players to feel like the game is playing for them, which is something that aim assist has traditionally been criticized for in the past.

Best Aim Assist Setting to Use in Modern Warfare 2

First off, JGOD eliminated Precision and Focusing from the equation as they simply do not give you Rotational aim assist and only Slowdown aim assist.

As such, it came down to the two default mixes — the Default made by Infinity Ward and the Black Ops made by Treyarch.

Ultimately, JGOD found that the Black Ops narrowly beats out the Default setting in MW2.

"It came out that like the Black Ops one was like one to three percent stronger," JGOD said, "or at least it carried the crosshairs a little bit further which, in my opinion, meant that it was a little bit stronger. Maybe there is a little bit of truth that the Black Ops aim assist is a little bit stronger, but one to three percent is well within the margin of error when we're trying to measure something as obscure as this because there's not like we can see the value in game how aim assist is.

"So overall, I've gone ahead and switched to Black Ops because I'm getting the best of both worlds: the Rotational and the Slowdown. And even if it's not better, it's at least a placebo effect. If I think it's better, it's going to perform better. So I recommend you all switching it over to Black Ops if you haven't already."

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