Johnathan Abram Madden 23 Rating Listed

Las Vegas Raiders v Tennessee Titans
Las Vegas Raiders v Tennessee Titans / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

A week ago, Johnathan Abram was placed on waivers by the Los Vegas Raiders and now finds himself on a new team both in the NFL and in Madden 23.

EA Sports updates the rosters each week in Madden 23 to make sure the lineup is as accurate as possible. Week 9 saw many notable changes, including Za'Darius Smith's rating being increased. This time around we could see Abram on his new team.

The Green Bay Packers picked up Abram from waivers adding the forming 2019 draft pick to the team. The Packers are adding some extra depth at their safety position by adding Abram, but what about his rating in Madden?

Johnathan Abram Madden 23 Rating 

In Madden 23, Abram is listed as a strong safety at 6'0" weighing 205 lbs, he has a rating of 77 overall. With a speed rating of 92 overall and an acceleration rating of 90, Abram is a strong choice in the game when hoping to generate picks.

However, he carries a 64 rating when it comes to catching. While that is alright for a defensive player, you would maybe hope for a higher rating from a safety. Abram also has a 91 overall hit power rating and a toughness rating of 92.

Abram played in the Green Bay Packers game on Sunday, Nov. 13, against the Dallas Cowboys. He had one tackle in the Packer's 31-29 win over the Cowboys.

The Raider's decision to waive Abram ultimately came down to a change in management looking to shake up the team. He should continue to get playing time with Green Bay as they battle back from their current 4-6 record.