Kara Attunement TBC: How to Attune to Karazhan

Karazhan from an aerial view
Karazhan from an aerial view / Activision Blizzard

Kara Attunement in TBC is one of the most iconic aspects of the expansion. With so many new players experiencing The Burning Crusade content for the first time, how do you attune to Karazhan?

Kara Attunement TBC: How to Attune to Karazhan

Helping out the Archmages

Attunement are the many quests and steps to be completed allowing you to enter Burning Crusade's first 10-man raid, Karazhan. The questline to kick things off can be started at Level 68, so getting a head-start then will most certainly pay off, as you will most definitely still be getting attuned on your way to the max level of 70.

The journey begins where it ends, head over to Deadwind Pass, the zone where Karazhan is located. Fly to Duskwood for Alliance and head east, and for Horde fly to Swamp of Sorrows and head west.

Accept the quests from Archmage Alturus in front of Karazhan's main entrance. Once those two quests are complete, turn them in to accept a quest taking you to Alterac Mountains. Speaking with Archmage Cedric will have him direct you to Khadgar who resides in the center of Shattrath City. You may have your Hearthstone set in Shattrath, which will help with travel time a nice bit.

This marks the end of the first segment of your journey into attuning to Karazhan. It would be a great idea to get as much bag space as possible: if you're a tailor make sure to grab the pattern for Imbued Netherweave Bags, or just pick them up from the auction house.

First Key Fragment

Before continuing, you most likely have finished the Sethekk Halls at least once, granting you the Shadow Labyrinth Key by defeating the final boss of the dungeon. Entering the Shadow Labyrinth dungeon grants players access to the Arcane Container at the end of the instance, located on the outer ring of Murmur's boss arena.

Opening the Arcane Container spawns the First Fragment Guardian, defeat this big lad and return to Khadgar with your findings, he will give you the next quest. You will now be holding on to the First Key Fragment.

The Second and Third Fragments

The second fragment is straightforward: head to The Steamvault dungeon in Zangarmarsh's Coilfang Reservoir. The first boss, Hydromancer Thespia, is located next to a body of water with a second Arcane Container submerged at the bottom. Just as before, opening the container spawns the Second Fragment Guardian, granting you the Second Key Fragment.

The third Arcane Container is a bit more of an arduous process, requiring access to The Arcatraz dungeon in Netherstorm.

IMPORTANT: From this point forward in the attunement process, you MUST have flying unlocked to access some points in the future questline.

A lengthy quest chain to obtain the Key to the Arcatraz begins when accepting the quest "Assiting the Consortium" from Anchorite Karja in Area 52, the main hub of Netherstorm.

Keep going in the "Assisting the Consortium" questline until you get quest "Special Delivery to Shattrath City." A'dal in Shattrath will give you the quest "How to Break Into the Arcatraz," requiring the player to head into The Mechanar dungeon and The Botanica dungeon to pick up The Bottom Shard of the Arcatraz Key and The Top Shard of the Arcatraz Key respectively. Both dungeons are located in Netherstorm.

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The Arcatraz from the outside / Activision Blizzard and WoWWiki

Once you have the Key to the Arcatraz, enter the instance. The Arcane Container is located in the corner of the room with all of the voidwalkers, directly after the first boss, Zereketh the Unbound. Opening the container spawns a familiar Third Fragment Guardian, dropping the Third Key Fragment when slain. Returning to Khadgar in Shattrath grants the player the quest "The Master's Touch," leading to the final few steps of this grand journey to attunement.

The Master's Key

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Caverns of Time from the outside located in the middle, eastern-most part of Tanaris / Activision Blizzard and WoWWiki

"The Master's Touch" will bring you to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris, but before you can enter The Black Morass to complete this quest, another mini-attunement to gain access to the dungeon must be completed first.

Head to the Caverns of Time anyway, but not to complete "The Master's Touch" just yet. Accept the quest "To The Master's Lair" from Steward of Time. Head further into the Caverns of Time to accept the quest "The Caverns of Time." Let the RP play out for this quest, then accept the next quest "Old Hillsbrad," granting access to the Old Hillsbrad Foothills dungeon.

Enter the Old Hillsbrad dungeon and speak to Erozion to receive "Taretha's Diversion." Make sure everyone in your group turned in this quest before accepting the next quest, "Escape from Durnholde." Once done, turn this into Erozion and you will be given "Return to Andormu."

Once you speak to Andormu, he will grant you access to The Black Morass, the final dungeon you must complete to become attuned with Karazhan!

Enter The Black Morass in Caverns of Time and speak to Sa'at to complete "The Black Morass." Defend Medivh and witness the opening of the Dark Portal from the past. Successfully defend Medivh completes the dungeon, and you can now hand in "The Master's Touch" you received from Khadgar back in Shattrath.

Medivh will thank you for your help and prompt you to return to Khadgar one last time in Shattrath, for the quest "Return to Khadgar." Khadgar will reward you with The Master's Key, granting access to the Karazhan Raid!