Kecleon Pokemon GO: How to Get

Here's an in-depth guide on what it takes to get Kecleon in Pokemon GO.
Here's an in-depth guide on what it takes to get Kecleon in Pokemon GO. / The Pokemon Company

Here's an in-depth guide on what it takes to get Kecleon in Pokemon GO.

Trainers will recognize Kecleon as the Hoenn region's resident chameleon. Also known as the "Color Swap" Pokemon, it is primarily identified by its ability to change the color of its scales — except the zig-zag pattern around its midsection — and its type. When startled, however, it will return to normal. It uses its camouflage powers to sneak up on prey before ensnaring it with its long pink tongue. Supposedly, if left unnoticed for too long, it will never reveal itself. Researchers in the Alola region are currently looking to tie the darkness of its natural scales to its health. Its PokeDex number is #352.

Here's what we know about how to catch Kecleon.

How to Get Kecleon in Pokemon GO

There is currently no way to get Kecleon as it hasn't been released yet in Pokemon GO.

There are a few supposed reasons for this. The main theory, however, has to do with the species' ability, Color Change — which causes Kecleon's type to change when hit with a move that isn't its current type. For example, despite how Kecleon starts as a normal-type, it can turn into a fire-type after being hit with Ember or a water-type after being struck by Water Gun.

While this doesn't present difficulties on how to catch this Pokemon, it does conflict with how Kecleon would interact with the GO Battle scene. So, while it would be easy to split Kecleon into regional variants by type or present a similar change-mechanic to Furfrou, a new feature is still required in order to stay true to its nature — backed by two decades of precedence.

This sentiment is part of the reason the team has delayed this Pokemon's release. According to an interview with TechRadar's Hamish Hector earlier this year, Michael Steranka, the game's director of global product marketing, cited just that.

"Kecleon has unique properties in the main series games, abilities that no other Pokémon shares so we want to make sure we do right by its original design when incorporating it into augmented reality." He said.

Hector went on to mention that Steranka could be referring to Kecleon's first appearance in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, in which trainers would run into the Pokemon invisible, hidden throughout the region, rather than as an encounter in tall grass. When asked, Steranka confirmed that trainers likely "won’t just encounter Kecleon in the wild."

"We want to make this encounter meaningful," he said.

At the time of writing, Kecleon is the only species missing from the Hoenn region. Niantic Labs has previously confirmed it is working on bringing Kecleon to the game but has neglected to give a date as to when.