Knockout City Style Chips: Everything You Need to Know

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Knockout City has a Battle Pass system where players can earn Style Chips to further customize their characters.

As an online multiplayer game, character customization in Knockout City is rather essential to show one's identity. The game certainly offers variation of not only the visuals of players' characters but their voice or interactions in game may also be personally selected.

As the gameplay in the tweet shows, characters in Knockout City looks distinct. Even the glider that the player was using can be selected.

Knockout City Style Chips: Everything You Need to Know

To have more of a choice to choose for style, players can use the Style Chips in game. This article will explain the customization system of Knockout City and how to get Style Chips.

How to Customize Characters in Knockout City

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The visuals of the characters has a wide choice of styles that can be selected. Here is a list of selectable features.

  • Outfit
  • Body
  • Face
  • Hairstyle
  • Glasses
  • gloves
  • Glider
  • Voice

The colors and styles for everything listed above can be changed. A minus of the customization is that the game limits players with what colors and styles can be chosen. This may be done so the aesthetic of the game is consistent among players.

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Other than that, gilders, interactions such as taunts and intro poses can also be selected. These are features that affect plays in game.

The style you have created can be kept because Knockout City is a Cross Platform game. Do not worry that the effort you put into the character will be lost on a different platform.

What are Style Chips?

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To obtain a more rare pose, jacket, etc. players must use style chips.

Style Chip is the currency in Knockout City used to unlock additional outfits and colors. These usually come in as chromas rather than a completely new outfit.

How to Get Style Chips in Knockout City

The only way to get Style Chips is as a reward from the Battle Pass of Knockout City.

You can check your Battle Pass progress by pressing the pause button in game and clicking 'Street Rank.' Reaching a certain street rank gives special rewards that are used to customize players' characters. Examples include new clothing or a new intro pose.

Style Chips are also part of this reward. Below is a list of the Street Ranks that gives Style Chips and how many.

  • Rank 7 – 1
  • Rank 17 – 1
  • Rank 27 – 1
  • Rank 37 – 1
  • Rank 47 – 3
  • Rank 57 – 1
  • Rank 67 – 1
  • Rank 77 – 1
  • Rank 87 – 1
  • Rank 97 – 5